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Intentional Kit

Intentional Kit

If you need a little extra help in your daily, weekly, or monthly routine, we have put together kits to add to your meditation or practice. Each kit includes a colored candle, jar of herbs, sage & cedar smugde bundle, small candle holder, set of  7 chakra gemstones (clear quartz, amethsyt, blue lace agate, green aventurine, citrine, carnelian, garnet), an information/instructional card.  The color of candle and herb jar will differ depending on what help is needed. 


Lavender Candle-Intuition & Dreams

White Candle-Clarity & Protection

Green Candle- Prosperity & Growth

Pink Candle- Self Love & Happiness

Yellow Candle- Communication

Blue Candle- Meditation & Peace 


***Other colors or needs can be addressed more directly through our services  page or bookings. There we can custom tailor an herb jar and intentional guidance just for you. What areas in your life need a little more attention?

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